Stone carving in school grounds with a stone sculptor

Posted by Nick Riley on 23rd Mar, 2018 |

Stone carving in school grounds, you wouldn’t really think that still happened would you?

Or did it ever happen!?

We have a tame sculptor, yes the whole project is insured and risk assessed so all the worries are removed. We just create great works of art as part of our school grounds improvement projects.

Involving children in works of art is a great way to leave a legacy within the school and to generate some real physical involvement in the production of artwork.

Several carving lessons have been delivered now in NW Schools with Playscape Engineering and Mike, our sculptor. The sessions take approx 3-4hrs and the stones are fixed within a steel ‘picture frame’ outside on any wall of the school.

‘Its just fantastic to see the creativity children have, and how quickly they are able to produce carvings’, said Mark Wilkinson, Crawshawbooth Primary Teacher.

Themed carvings can include wildlife, insects and nature, teachers caricatures, self portraits etc. The children produce drawn designs and then add them to the stone tiles. The carving is with stone chisels and mallets. The risk in minimal but the rewards are huge – when did you ever get the chance to stone carve?

Get in touch if you fancy having a go, we can structure events around your budget and times are flexible. We are even involved in a community artwork involving the local school and nearby community group.

Follow us on twitter @PlayScapeEng to keep up to date with what we are doing, it might give you some great inspiration for future work.



Stone Carving in school