Primary School Outdoor Play Equipment

Children continue to develop, physically and mentally, throughout their primary years.

Our playgrounds not only encourage physical activity and learning, they also help children in terms of mental health.

Playtime offers children an opportunity to deal with stress, an opportunity to grow and experience a greater sense of self.

Our play solutions encourage children to make decisions, encourage children to work with and socialise with others and increase classroom performance.

In fact, the benefits are endless.

Why Choose Playscape?

Playscape Engineering offer solutions that not only benefit the physical and mental health of a child but also enhance their learning.

Our playgrounds complement numeracy, literacy and science and offer a unique and engaging way for children to learn vital key stage skills.

What’s more, Playscape Engineering also offer a free playground design to all primary schools with outdoor space.

Our designs will take the age group of your pupils into consideration, along with the space you have available and any special requests.

  • Cater specifically for primary age group
  • Cost effective solutions for most budgets
  • Free design process
  • Tailor-made designs to enhance curriculum learning