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Forest School Pack / Loose parts pack


Materials and resources can be a real hassle to get together, different suppliers and unusual items etc.

With our Forest School Pack we provide a range of timbers and tools to trigger imagination in the youngest of minds.

Delivered on a pallet to your location you will receive a random mix of sawn timbers including hazel poles coppiced from local woodlands, planked timbers from larch tree (smell the pine!), log rounds, tarpaulin, ropes, griddle etc. No pack has to be identical, we can supply what you need, all we ask it that you tell us what you do with it so we can spread the word via our news and twitter feed.

Creativity is key to education and loose parts create imagination….

Go build a bridge, make a shelter, create a city, build a hobbit house, make a wooden dinner!

The list is endless, go create!


Forest School Loose Parts pack

The basics of what you receive in a pack – allow us some flexibility with sizes

·        Gorilla Bucket – for carrying tools and materials
·        Small wooden brush
·        Spirit Level
·        Small shovel
·        Trowel
·        Rubber Mallet
·        10m tape measure
·        Griddle – for separating soil particles
·        1m x 2.4m tarpaulin
·        4 broom stales – various uses
·        Rope – 8m – various activities, 15mm core rope
·        Black plastic bucket – standard bucket
·        Plastic Funnel – for measuring and filling bottles
·        Sand scoop/Soil scoop
·        Sponge- water soaker
·        Kebab sticks (Wooden with point for making leaf kebabs/Marshmallow toasting)
·        Tyres – small car 2no.
·        Hazel Poles approx 5ft long – 10No
·        Planked timber Larch lengths 2.1m long x 200mm wide approx x 12mm 5no
·        Timber blocks 200mm x 90×90 – 5No
·        Rounds 200mm dia x 300mm – 6No
·        Half rounds 200mm dia – 6No
·        Round poles 80mm dia x 1200mm – 4No
·        Round poles 80mm dia x 1200mm – 4No
·        Planed Timber planks – 1m x 120mm x 35mm – 6No
·        Planed timber planks – 1500m x 120mm x 35mm – 6No
·        Bag firewood (Small bag dried wood 5/6logs)
·        Bag Kindling (Small chopped sticks kindling)
·        Fire Pit (80cm diameter)