At both Landscape Engineering and Playscape Engineering we believe play is really important to children’s health, wellbeing and development- and plenty of play campaigners, charitable organisations and academics agree. In fact, we’re all part of the Association of Play Industries (API), the lead trade body for the play industries, where we campaign at the highest levels for policy recognition of the value of play.

If you’d like to find out more about API and what we do, you might be interested in reading more about the API Asks 4 Play campaign.

To help as many children as possible have access to play facilities, we like to promote funding opportunities. Such funds help our customers gain access to financing they may be eligible for. Playscape Engineering can help in the preparation by providing you with a professional design and quotation. We can even assist with your presentation, allowing you to react quickly to any funding opportunities available.

5 steps to securing your playground funding

Research funding available

There a number of funding bodies you can apply to. It’s important to research what each of them offer and spend time weighing up which funding body will be best for you. It is also really important that you make us aware of the criteria for your funding before we get started on your proposal.

Ones to consider include:

  • Awards For All

This Lottery funded grant scheme is designed for small projects throughout the whole of the UK.  Awards For All fund up to £10,000 worth of playground equipment, which can go much further than you might think and vastly improve your playground. We’ve helped many schools that have been successful in receiving these grants. Take a look at the Awards For All homepage for more information.

  • GRANTnet
  • Grants4Schools
  • Woodenspoon
  • The Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts
  • The Ernest Cook Trust
  • Tesco Charity Trust – take a look at
  • Growing Schools
  • The Giving Machine
  • EduVoice
  • The ACT foundation (specifically targeted to the mentally and physically disabled)
  • Sports and PE Funding – check out all sports funding here

Take time on your application

The amount of funding available is limited – so make sure every word you use counts. Answer all questions thoroughly and take time to think about what the new play facilities will bring to your institution and pupils.

Highlight the positives a new play space will bring

Instead of focusing on the negatives of a lack of play space, focus on the positives of what a new play space will bring. By demonstrating passion, initiative and drive you’ll be much more likely to impress the funding body and secure a grant.


Make your application Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound.

Tell the funding body exactly what you plan on doing with their money and what it will help achieve at your institution. It’s also a good idea to give a brief history of your school and the types of homes the children come from.

List the stages in the process, outlining how you’re working with Playscape Engineering and the proposed costs. We offer a free, no obligation playground design and quotation, detailing the specific costs of the proposed work. With this wealth of information, no funding managers will be left unsure about your intentions.

Make sure your proposal is realistic and that your ideas match your primary aims. It’s a good idea to show you’ve thought about deadlines and have a real plan for how you intend to put everything into place.

Why you?

Sell yourself. Think about what makes your story and your play space ideals different from everyone else. Show off your creativity and impress!

For further information on or assistance with funding opportunities, jump on the phone and give one of our playscape team a call, we will be happy to help advise you. Tel 01282 770060

Opportunities for Grants and Funding

If you need help or advice with funding please let us know and we can help guide you in the right direction.

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