We work with you to create play areas that give you what you need;

Sketch layout

Design session with children

Project costing

Construction and Installation

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At Playscape Engineering we build play solutions, creating adventurous, stimulating settings for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy. We recognise just how important playtime is for children and use our knowledge of school playground equipment and children’s needs to develop solutions that let their imaginations run wild.

Playscape Engineering’s playground solutions help children to develop physical, cognitive and emotional strength. They encourage children to get outside, explore the world, develop their senses and enjoy interaction with others.

Our bespoke school playground designs cater for all needs, key stages, communities and schools – developing specialized solutions for early years play, primary schools, secondary schools and SEN schools.

What’s more, our playground solutions are incredibly cost effective and can be adapted to suit most budgets. We work closely with each client to ensure the experience of working with Playscape Engineering and using one of our playground designs is one to remember for all the right reasons.


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A summer programme has a totally different meaning to us here at Playscape Engineering. It usually means we need to fit in all the major school grounds schemes within the

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@EnergyGardenLDN @WCEnergyGarden @MalcolmBellBG @LDNOverground Just let us know what you need. It’s an easy stacking system that fixes to wooden battens on any flat wall. Really quick to install too. Great for putting ‘lungs’ into urban spaces.

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